Franchise Opportunity

We understand that the decision to invest in a franchise is a hugely significant one. In some cases it will be the largest investment decision you will ever make.  It is therefore only reasonable for you to ensure that your decision is a fully informed one. As a member of the Baleno family you will never be on your own, our dedicated and experienced staff will provide you the support and tools that you need to run a successful operation when you start your first Baleno store.


Baleno has a team of youthful and energetic supporting professionals, who shares the advanced managerial and operational skills and experience without reservation with its partners. Professional and comprehensive backing up services are supported for the Baleno partners with the following advantages and assurances:

①.   Business partners may choose between franchising model and sales sharing model basing on their own criteria. Depending on the Business partners' capability in retailand inventory management, increasing flexibility and reducing investment risks;

②.   Obtains the franchised rights of a famous brand and enjoys its already built-up brand reputation and loyalty immediately;

③.   Acquires the lifelong skills and experiences in modern retail operation;

④.   Receives comprehensive business analyses and investment return projections, minimizing the risk of incurring losses;

⑤.   Enjoys efficient inventory management and in time promotions, supporting the sound business growth;

⑥.   Obtains professional trainings for shop managers and assistants, learning the best skills in retail management and selling;

⑦.   Secures a specific professional personnel assigned by Baleno for regular guidance and information exchange;

⑧.   Shares the successful stories of over 1000 shops, be ensured with reliability and responsibility.